drawing will be labor day
You choose
Your prize.

a chance to win
a tesla, private jet airfare, or $50,000

2016 Winner: Avrohom Russell
from Jerusalem Israel

you choose your prize

ticket prices

$100 for 1  •  $1,000 for 11  •  $5,000 for 60  •  $10,000 for 135
Choose from the Tesla Model 3, Tesla S, or Tesla X – valued at up to $83,000 with the option to customize it to your personal preference at owner's expense.
private jet airfare
Private Jet Airfare
A private airfare with a retail value of $65,000. Charter an aircraft of your choice to any destination worldwide, with Synergy HCA, powered by Apollo Jets.
prefer cash?
Prefer Cash?
It's up to you. Choose the Jet airfare, Tesla OR $50,000 cash.
a maximum of 3,999 tickets will be sold
Elan Magence
2015 tesla raffle winner
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